Jim Henson Puppet Show to Debut on Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess

   October 25, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Puppets are due to set sail with Princess Cruises after “Jim Henson’s Inspired Silliness” debuts on the new Sky Princess.

Princess Cruises and The Jim Henson Company are teaming up in order to bring the legendary puppeteer’s early works back to life at sea via Jim Henson’s Inspired Silliness, a brand new all-ages show debuting aboard a couple of cruise ships.

Jim Henson’s Inspired Silliness is expected to debut exclusively on the new Sky Princess this year, and on Enchanted Princess in 2020. The innovative live production recreates a number of Jim Henson’s hilarious works in a 30-minute performance.

Sky Princess cruise ship

Princess Cruises production show dancers and singers will bring to life the comedy, music, visuals, and world-renowned Henson style. The show features a video introduction by Jim’s son Brian Henson and a colorful cast of brand new puppets from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, including a number of newly designed characters.