Strong Winds Divert Cruise Ships from Falmouth

   January 17, 2020 ,   Accidents

The strong and persistent north-easterly wind experienced in Falmouth, Jamaica, has, since the start of 2020, resulted in the diversion of 3 cruise ships from the port.

The trio would have transported around 7,000 passengers to the shores of the island.

According to the Port Authority of Jamaica's port manager for Falmouth, Noel Hylton, the port averages about 5 diversions per year due to climatic conditions. Hylton was, however, not able to detail the extent of the impact that diversion has had on the local economy but pointed out that there was little or no decline in the number of arrivals as the port had also unexpectedly welcomed passengers from ships that had been diverted from other ports as a result of inclement weather.

Port of Falmouth (Jamaica)

Ocho Rios and Falmouth are the two cruise ports that get affected by the north-easterly wind coming across and making it difficult for the ships to come ashore.

The port of Falmouth welcomed just over 560,000 passengers in 2019.