Princess Cruises Boasts Record-Breaking Mass Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

   February 20, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

Princess Cruises on February 11 set the GUINNESS World Records title for the biggest multi-location vow renewal after a total of 1443 couples reaffirmed their love during simultaneous ceremonies on three cruise ships.

The record-breaking mass renewal of vows took place on the sun decks of Crown Princess, Regal Princess and Royal Princess, on February 11, 2020, with 3 official GUINNESS World Records Adjudicators on each cruise ship to verify the record. The last record was 1201 couples and set in Kalamazoo, Michigan USA.

Regal Princess cruise ship

According to Michael Empric, GUINNESS World Records Adjudicator on Regal Princess, a record-setting accomplishment had to be measurable, verifiable and had a single superlative. He added it was always exciting being a part of a new official record, especially when it was aboard ‘The Love Boat.’