Grand Princess Disembarks All Passengers

   March 17, 2020 ,   Accidents

All cruise passengers and over half the crew members from Grand Princess have gotten off the liner, Princess Cruises announced on Tuesday, March 17.

Grand Princess, at last, departed Port Oakland CA and moved to a remote San Francisco dock, where she will temporarily stay for the remaining crew to complete a 14-day-quarantine.

The cruise ship docked in Oakland on March 9 with 3,500 onboard after reporting 21 Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. The CDC has since said the vessel had resulted in 28 US cases of the virus. 

Over the weekend, more than 500 of the 1,100 crew members disembarked and went home.

Grand Princess cruise ship

Over a week ago, 21 people tested positive aboard Grand Princess and it was discovered that 62 cruise passengers had been on the liner at the same time as a California man who eventually died from COVID-19. The vessel was diverted from San Francisco to Oakland, due to its proximity to an airport and a military base.

Passengers who disembarked Grand Princess last week were taken to military bases in order to complete their 14-day quarantines

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