Costa Victoria disembarks at Civitavecchia

   March 27, 2020 ,   Accidents

In Civitavecchia (cruise port to Rome City) ended the debarkation of all Costa Pacifica passengers. The ship was not affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The tourists were transferred to hotels where they are still waiting to return home. Some of them had managed to embark on Friday, March 27, while others will do it on Saturday.

The debarkation of Costa Victoria passengers is still ongoing. The liner also docked at Port Civitavecchia, isolated on Thursday by the city mayor Ernesto Tedesco. The debarkation began in the afternoon but stopped in the evening to resume tomorrow. Already disembarked tourists were transferred to Fiumicino Airport.

A Coronavirus-positive passenger was disembarked from Costa Victoria days ago in Crete. According to Costa Cruises, there are currently three Costa ships in motion, while another one (Luminosa) is docked at Port Savona, where its passengers were disembarked.

Favolosa, Magica and Diadema are currently at sea, with only crew on board. The first two are en route to Miami after numerous Caribbean ports have denied docking in recent days. Diadema is in the Mediterranean and expected to dock in Italy in the coming days (the cruise port is yet to be defined). Reportedly, Civitavecchia's Lazio Pier would be the destination of the ship that has 65 COVID-positive people onboard.

Officially, there are no Coronavirus cases on Diadema. While sailing, a total of 80 crew (not 65) were isolated in separate cabins as a precaution, a measure made necessary after the illness, due to respiratory insufficiency, of one of them, rescued and subsequently landed in Limassol Cyprus. At the moment, Diadema's port of arrival has not been confirmed.

For Coronavirus updates on cruise ship quarantines (infected passengers and crew) and top-pandemic countries (COVID-19 cases and deaths, daily updated statistics) see at CruiseMapper's Norovirus page.