NZ White Island Volcano eruption victims plan to sue Royal Caribbean

   April 27, 2020 ,   Accidents

Victims are planning to sue RCI-Royal Caribbean over 2019 volcano eruption on White Island (Whakaari, New Zealand) which killed 21 people and left others with severe injuries. Australian passengers and family members engaged the services of Stacks Goudkamp in a bid to get compensation for the accident.

The White Island tour (as a shore excursion option) was sold by RCI, advertised as "an unforgettable guided tour of New Zealand's most active volcano". A few weeks before the December 9th cruise, the island's Volcanic Alert Level was raised to Level 2 - the highest without an actual eruption - but with "potential for eruption hazards" GeoNet NZ commented.

White Island (Whakaari, New Zealand)

6 days before the tour, GeoNet noted "regularly throwing mud and debris 20-30 metres into the air above the vent". However, the excursion went ahead and Ovation of the Seas ship's passengers were present on the island when the volcano erupted. 19 of the 21 people who died were from Ovation OTS, and the majority were Australians.

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