Cruise ships allowed in Croatian ports again?

   August 9, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Frankovic asked the National Civil Protection Headquarters to change a decree banning the entry of ships with 200+ passengers into Croatian ports because MSC Cruises did not include Dubrovnik in their programme.

Representatives of the cruise line had previously expressed interest in including Dubrovnik (Port Cruz) in the itinerary, but the limiting factor for the arrival of bigger ships on cruises to Dubrovnik was the decree according to which ships with over 200 passengers could not enter Croatian ports at the moment.

Frankovic briefed Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, Davor Bozinovic, and Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butkovic on the pressing matter.

Following Bozinovic's instructions, Frankovic submitted to the County Institute of Public Health detailed procedures introduced by MSC Cruises on all their liners, as well as procedures to be carried out by the City of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Port Authority.

Mayor Frankovic said that in the coming days they expected an official statement from the Institute to the Civil Protection Headquarters and were convinced that with the approved procedures, ships would be allowed to enter Croatian ports.

Dubrovnik City Administration said in a statement the prescribed procedures were a challenge for both companies and Port Authorities and the cities where cruise companies entered, but they provided the highest level of health care, and the possibility of spreading COVID was reduced to a minimum.