Royal Caribbean Group trademarks names for new cruise ship venues

   October 29, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

On October 23, 2020, RCG-Royal Caribbean Group filed 4 trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

  1. Vue Bar (October 23) under the category "cruise ship services".
  2. Cask & Clipper (October 23) filed under 2 categories: the company's English-style pubs tend to have names combining two words in a similar style.
  3. Wonder Playscape, which sounds a lot like the name of a play area on Royal Caribbean's 5th Oasis Class cruise ship, Wonder Of The Seas, which is set to debut in 2022. The description for the trademark says, "Entertainment services in the nature of children's dry playscape attractions". It might correlate to a series of renderings for a new concept for families that emerged online, or something unrelated.
  4. Cantina Fresca, described as "restaurant and bar services". The new name infers a Mexican inspired venue, of which the company has targeted the particular cuisine in the past with El Loco Fresh and Sabor Modern Mexican.

Wonder Of The Seas cruise ship

The registrations are filed on behalf of Royal Caribbean Group, so they could be intended for a subsidiary line that is not RCI-Royal Caribbean International.

Trademark registrations might not end up being used by the company, but it does provide insight into what might be planned.