Irish Ferries charter Blue Star 1 cruiseferry

   March 22, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

The Dublin-based shipping company Irish Ferries announced it will charter the Blue Star 1 cruise ship from Blue Star Ferries.

The ship (owned by Attica Group) is being partially repainted at Piraeus-Athens in a new livery.

Attica Group and Irish Ferries' parent company Irish Continental Group are both publicly listed companies. Reports from Greece suggest that the charter of Blue Star 1 ferry could be for up to 2 years. The fact that the vessel has been partially repainted suggests that it will be with Irish Ferries significantly longer.

It is still unclear what route Irish Ferries will use the ferry on. 

Blue Star 1 ferry

In terms of freight capacity, Blue Star 1 will be the smallest in the Irish Ferries' fleet, but is pretty large by passenger capacity (1890). Blue Star 1 will be the fleet's fastest vessel - having design/cruising speed of 28 knots (52 kph / 32 mph).