Cruise ships skip Ketchikan if COVID-19 outbreaks continue

   May 25, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

Cruise ships will continue to skip Port Ketchikan (Revillagigedo Island, Alaska) if COVID cases remain high, senior city and pandemic response officials said.

Last week, Ketchikan’s City Council discussed whether the emergency operations center of the community continues to serve a useful purpose.

Large cruise ships are officially planning the return to Alaska this summer and are scheduled to arrive starting in late July. 7 of the liners are currently slated to tie up in the town in the latter portion of the summer.

Port of Ketchikan (Revillagigedo Island, Alaska)

But if Ketchikan cannot get a handle on the virus spread, City Manager Karl Amylon told the city council, cruise companies might decide to skip Alaska’s First City.

It has already happened twice this month. The boutique brand UnCruise Adventures has so far canceled a couple of scheduled stops in Ketchikan AK as the community faces its largest COVID-19 outbreak.