Illegal drugs seized on Cordelia Cruises' ship Empress at Port Mumbai India

   October 4, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

India's NCB-Narcotics Control Bureau raided Cordelia Cruises' Empress ship (fka Empress of the Seas) at Port Mumbai India and reportedly seized drugs onboard.

Several local media reported that NCB had busted a VIP shipboard event and seized a variety of illegal drugs, such as cocaine, hashish, ecstasy.

10 people have been arrested, including the son of a popular Bollywood movie star.

The raid happened on Saturday (October 2) during a VIP fashion event aboard the former Royal Caribbean ship Empress OTS, which was sold to the new brand Cordelia in 2020.

Cordelia Cruises inaugurated the boat just 2 weeks ago.

NCB officials boarded the vessel disguised as cruisers. Drug enforcement agents have been searching the cruise ship for 7 hours. 

According to Cordelia Cruises President & CEO Jurgen Bailom, the Narcotics Department had "found drugs in some passengers' luggage" while the vessel was docked at the port of Mumbai. 

The onboard management and crew fully cooperated with the agents when they conducted the raid. No staff or crew were found involved and Cordelia Empress was allowed to sail once she was cleared.

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