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-0.39590 S, -91.48215 W

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Fernandina Island, formerly known as "Narborough Island" in English (after John Narborough), is the 3rd largest and youngest of the Galapagos Islands. Just like the others, it was formed by the Galapagos hotspot. Fernandina Island is an active shield volcano. It has been erupting since April 2009. Captain Benjamin Morrell recorded one of the biggest eruptions in the history of Galapagos at Fernandina Volcano, on tile that was anchored in Banks Bay. His ship successfully escaped to safety and the account of the eruption was preserved.Fernandina Island (Galapagos)

Fernandina Island has an area of 642 sq.km (247.9 sq.miles) and a height of 1,476 m (4,842 ft), with a summit caldera 6.5 km (4 miles) wide. In 1968 parts of the caldera floor dropped 350 m and a small lake has occupied the northern caldera floor. Due to recent volcanic activity, the Fernandina does not present much plant life. The island has a mostly rocky surface.Fernandina Island (Galapagos)

Highlights: Puerto Espinosa, Active volcano, lava, Marine Iguanas, Flightless cormorants, Sea Lions

Fernandina Island cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Fernandina Island dock (anchor) at Puerto Ayora - port town on the on the southern shore of Santa Cruz Island.Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island) Galapagos

The following map of Galapagos Islands cruise itineraries shows the two main routes and all island stops (ports / landing sites) in the archipelago.Galapagos Islands cruise itinerary map

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City Tours and Shore Excursions

Popular Fernandina Island shore excursion destinations are:

  • Punta Espinoza

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Day Ships in port
2 May, 2017
Silver Galapagos(arriving at 02 May - departing at 02 May)
5 May, 2017
Celebrity Xpedition(arriving at 05 May - departing at 05 May)
6 May, 2017
National Geographic Islander (arriving at 06 May - departing at 06 May)
12 May, 2017
National Geographic Endeavour II(arriving at 12 May - departing at 12 May)
13 May, 2017
National Geographic Islander (arriving at 13 May - departing at 13 May)
16 May, 2017
Silver Galapagos(arriving at 16 May - departing at 16 May)
19 May, 2017
Celebrity Xpedition(arriving at 19 May - departing at 19 May)
20 May, 2017
National Geographic Islander (arriving at 20 May - departing at 20 May)
21 May, 2017
National Geographic Islander (arriving at 21 May - departing at 21 May)
26 May, 2017
Estrella del Mar(arriving at 26 May - departing at 26 May)
27 May, 2017
National Geographic Islander (arriving at 27 May - departing at 27 May)
30 May, 2017
Silver Galapagos(arriving at 30 May - departing at 30 May)