Genovesa Island (Galapagos)

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Local Time
12:33 25 Jul 2017

0.31435 N, -89.95524 W

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Genovesa Island (aka "Tower Island") is one of the minor (smaller-sized) Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. The isle is named after Genoa Italy - the birth city of Christopher Columbus (1450-1506, sea explorer, navigator and colonizer). The island has a total area of 14 km2 (5 ml2) and max elevation of 64 m (210 ft).

Genovesa Island (Galapagos)

This small isle is horse-shoe shaped, featuring a volcanic caldera with a collapsed wall (hence the name Tower Island). This part forms Bahia Darwin (Darwin Bay / landing point), which is surrounded by cliffs. Lake Arcturus is the salt water lake in its center.

At Darwin Bay (landing point) can be seen frigatebirds and swallow-tailed gulls (the world's only nocturnal gull species). The fauna is also represented by boobies (red-footed), noddy terns, lava gulls, storm petrels, finches, some tropic birds and even doves.

The Genovesa Island also features a large forest (named Palo Santo).

Highlights: Baquerizo Moreno, Museum, Cerro Brujo, Sea Lions, Boobies

Genovesa Island cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Genovesa Island Galapagos dock (anchor) at Darwin Bay - located in the southern part.

Genovesa Island (Galapagos) Darwin Bay

The following map of Galapagos Islands cruise itineraries shows the two main routes and all island stops (ports / landing sites) in the archipelago.

Galapagos Islands cruise itinerary map

Genovesa Island tours, shore excursions, hotels

City Tours and Shore Excursions

Popular Genovesa Island shore excursion destinations are:

  • El Barranco (aka "Prince Philip's Steps") is a steep path leading through a seabird colony, up to cliffs 25 m (82 ft) high. At the top, the path continues inland, passing through more seabird colonies in a thin forest. The trail also provides overviews of a rocky plain. Prince Philip's Steps is a bird-watching site with boobies (red-footed and Nazca species).

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Day Ships in port
2 July, 2017
Estrella del Mar(arriving at 02 Jul - departing at 02 Jul)
3 July, 2017
Silver Galapagos(arriving at 03 Jul - departing at 03 Jul)
7 July, 2017
Queen of Galapagos(arriving at 07 Jul - departing at 07 Jul)
11 July, 2017
Yolita II(arriving at 11 Jul - departing at 11 Jul)
16 July, 2017
Estrella del Mar(arriving at 16 Jul - departing at 16 Jul)
17 July, 2017
Silver Galapagos(arriving at 17 Jul - departing at 17 Jul)
21 July, 2017
Celebrity Xperience(arriving at 21 Jul - departing at 21 Jul)
Queen of Galapagos(arriving at 21 Jul - departing at 21 Jul)
22 July, 2017
MV Isabela II(arriving at 22 Jul - departing at 22 Jul)
25 July, 2017
Yolita II(arriving at 25 Jul - departing at 25 Jul)
30 July, 2017
Estrella del Mar(arriving at 30 Jul - departing at 30 Jul)
31 July, 2017
Silver Galapagos(arriving at 31 Jul - departing at 31 Jul)