Lesbos Island (Mytilene, Greece)

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19:39 22 Apr 2018

38.97513 N, 26.36844 E

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Lesbos Island, sometimes referred to just as Mytilini (after the capital city), is a Greek island situated in north-eastern Aegean Sea. It has an area of 1,632.819 km2 (630.435 ml2) with 320 km (199 ml) of coastline, making it the 3rd largest Greek island. It's separated from Turkey by a narrow strait called Mytilini Strait. In late Palaeolithic/Mesolithic times it was joined to Anatolian mainland prior to the end of last glacial period.

Lesbos Island is a separate regional unit of North Aegean region. It is one of 5 governing islands within the region, with the others being Chios, Lemnos, Samos and Ikaria. The population of Lesbos is around 86,000 people (2011 census), a 3rd of whom live in the capital city of Mytilene, in the island's southeastern part. The remaining population is allocated in small villages and towns. 

According to later writers in Greece, Mytilene was established during 11th century BC by Penthilidae family, who came from Thessaly, and ruled until a popular revolt led by Pittacus of Mytilene (590–580 BC) ended their rule. The linguistic and archaeological record may indicate late Iron Age arrival of settlers though references in archives of Late Bronze Age Hittite indicate likely Greek presence. The name "Mytilene" seems to be of Hittite origin. However, according to Homer's Iliad, Lesbos was part of kingdom of Priam (today Turkey). Much work remains to determine what and when was happening. During the Middle Ages, Lesbos Island was under Byzantine, then Genoese rule. In 1462 the island was conquered by Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans then ruled until the First Balkan War (1912), when it became part of Kingdom of Greece.

The economy of Lesbos Island is agricultural in nature, with the main source of income being olive oil. Tourism in Mytilene is encouraged by the international airport and coastal towns of Plomari, Petra, Eresos and Molyvos, substantially contribute to the island's economy. Fishing, manufacture of soap and ouzo (Greek national liqueur), are among the remaining sources of income.

A meaning of the word "lesbian" derives from Sappho's poems. Sappho was born in Lesbos and wrote with emotional content directed to other women. Because of this association, Lesbos Island and especially Eresos town, her birthplace, are frequently visited by lesbian tourists.

Lesbos Island cruise terminal

Most cruise ships to Lesbos Island dock (anchor) at Mytilene - port town on the southeastern coast. Some smaller ships may dock at Mithymna (aka Molyvos, on the northern coast) or at Plomari (on the southern coast).

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