American Queen deck 2 plan (Cabin)

Deck layout and review

Review of American Queen deck 2 (Cabin)

“Engine Room Bar” has staircase access to the steam engine room’s viewing area below, plus 2 porch/outdoor areas. It also serves the Moonlight Supper menu (late-night meals and snacks). After the evening show at the Saloon, here start various styles of dance and music performances, including the traditional for the American Queen itinerary routes blues and ragtime, also country, rock’n'roll, jazz.

“Grand Salon” balcony (box seating) level

Lobby (level 2 of 5)

“Purser’s Lobby” features a massive crystal chandelier and the boat’s Purser Desk (also for Spa reservations) and Tours Desk (tours/excursions booking and information).

“Emporium” is the steamboat’s gift shop/boutique, where among other goods is also on sale the Regina Charboneau’s cookery book “Mississippi Current Cookbook”.

“Mark Twain Gallery” is another spacious lounge that functions as the main meeting area on the boat. This is also the venue that hosts the ship’s “Welcome Aboard” and “Farewell” formal receptions by its Captain. Here guests can enjoy puzzles, popular board games, and cards playing. This lounge is furnitured with comfortable leather chairs and couches, numerous tables, grand piano, bookshelves, and even birdcages as part of the decoration. It also has on display models of famous US river steamboats. There are also a complimentary cappuccino machine and an Internet computer with a printer here.

“Gentleman’s Card Room” is for bridge playing. Decor and furniture here feature highback leather chairs, a giant fish on the wall, large-size gaming table.

“Ladies’ Parlor” is another Victorian-era themed room in lighter colors, decorated with many plants and flowers. The Parlor has a “swooning/fainting couch” (back is raised at one end). This is another great place for quiet relaxation – reading, Internet-browsing, watching the river scenery.

Cabin Deck cruise cabins from 201 to 222, all of which are Outside, with 2x category C (“Outside Open Veranda”) and 20x category D (“Deluxe Outside with Bay Window”).