Delta Queen deck 4 plan (Sundeck-Bridge)

Deck layout and review

Review of Delta Queen deck 4 (Sundeck-Bridge)

The fore-located Navigation Bridge (aka Pilothouse/Wheelhouse) is on two levels. On Deck 4 are the officers' quarters, while on the upper level is the Wheelhouse. Adjacent to the Pilothouse's upper level on "deck 5" (positioned between the Pilothouse and the chimney/smokestack) is the calliope.

An unusual feature of the Delta Queen steamboat is the steam calliope mounted on Sundeck. Calliope is a 19th-century invented musical instrument (aka steam organ / steam piano) producing sounds by sending steam through large whistles. The riverboat's calliope covers about 3 octaves and was used to play the vessel while docking (berthing) and undocking. Sometimes, the ship's Master (Captain) extended this courtesy to other ships as well.

Sundeck houses passenger cabins from 307 to 340, all of which are outside and in categories AAA (Luxury Suite/bow-located), AA (Superior Suite/aft-located), C (Superior Stateroom), G (Select Stateroom), I (Standard Stateroom).

All cabins have direct access to a wraparound Promenade (outdoor walking area) from where via outdoor stairs are accessed other decks.