Le Champlain deck 2 plan (Marina-Blue Eye Lounge)

Deck layout and review

Review of Le Champlain deck 2 (Marina-Blue Eye Lounge)

The aft-located Marina platform serves watersports activities (deploying water sports equipment) and is also used for launching the ship's Zodiacs (large-capacity inflatable boats for expeditions, landings and passenger tendering in remote locations).

The Marina features a new-design (adjustable height) hydraulic platform providing faster cruise ship boarding, faster Zodiac boat embarkation / disembarkation, as well as direct access to the sea for watersports (swimming, seakayaking, paddle-boarding).

Blue Eye Lounge is located below waterline (within the ship's hull) and features 2 giant curved porthole windows shaped as cetacean eyes.

"Blue Eye" (underwater lounge)

World's first-ever underwater cruise ship lounge was designed for Ponant's new series of 6x EXPLORER-class yachts. This unique venue (named "Blue Eye") features vibrating sofas and an innovative sound system to capture sea acoustics.


The "Blue Eye Lounge" is located 2-3 m (6,5-10 ft) below water level and is integrated into the ship's hull. Underwater views are via giant curved portholes - cetacean eye-shaped windows (1,6 x 3,4 m / 5 x 11 ft).

Live footage of the surrounding marine life is projected onto digital screens which "wallpaper" the room.

Sound, transmitted through hydrophones, is captured across a 5 km (3 ml) radius of the ship. The high-tech lounge is fitted with "body listening sofas" vibrating discreetly to allow passengers to experience the ocean rhythms.

Non-intrusive underwater projectors allow observing marine life from the ship's outdoor decks and the cruise cabin balconies.