Viking Ra deck 4 plan (Pool-Lounge)

Deck layout and review

Review of Viking Ra deck 4 (Pool-Lounge)

  • elevator and stairway access
  • The fore-located Navigation Bridge is called "Wheelhouse" on riverboats.
  • The ship's swimming pool is located aft. Its sunbathing area also features a large Jacuzzi, deluxe sunloungers, shaded seating area (covered with sail-like shades), sofas and 4-seat tables.
  • Pool Deck has the ship's Bar Lounge served by its own bar. The Lounge is connected (via glass doors) with an outdoor / open-air Terrace. This is an outdoor viewing area (located at boat's bow).

Viking Ra cruise ship pool deck

Next infographic shows Pool Deck's location on the riverboat's deckplan layout.

Viking Ra cruise ship deckplan layout