VIDEO: Silversea Cruises' Silver Origin officially named in San Cristobal, the Galapagos Islands

   March 1, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

Silversea Cruises officially named Silver Origin on February 25 during an expedition-inspired christening ceremony in San Cristobal, the Galapagos Islands.

Passengers took to the water on Origin’s Zodiacs, raising a glass of champagne as the cruise line officially welcomed the newbuild to its fleet of ten, before esteemed conservationist and permanent resident of the Galapagos Islands, Johanna Carrion, was unveiled as the ship’s Godmother.

A tradition of RCG-Royal Caribbean Group, a bagpipe performance initiated the naming ceremony, which marked the first ship christening of Jason Liberty as the new President & CEO of Royal Caribbean. Liberty co-hosted the event with President & CEO Silversea Cruises, Roberto Martinoli; Chief Commercial Officer Silversea Barbara Muckermann; and Vice President Silversea Cruises Ecuador, Fernando Delgado. Escorted by Capt. Karin Chacon, Johanna Carrion made her first address to Silver Origin’s passengers as the ship’s Godmother, before Bishop Patricio Bonilla blessed the newbuild.

Raised in the Galapagos Islands and a permanent resident of the archipelago, Johanna Carrion is the Executive Director & CEO of the Scalesia Foundation supported by Silversea Cruises, which champions the long-term conservation of the Galapagos through education.