Ponant's Le Laperouse ship to offer a solar eclipse cruise in 2023

   September 5, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

A new voyage from Smithsonian Journeys and French luxury line Ponant offers travelers a special way to watch the solar eclipse.

The 16-day voyage will take vacationers from Indonesia to Australia with a stop in Timor Sea for an optimal view of the eclipse in 2023. Passengers will stop in destinations like Komodo National Park Indonesia and Kimberley (Australia), and experts onboard will guide guests through parts of the itinerary.

The journey will take place on Pnant's Le Laperouse ship from April 9 to April 24, 2023. 

The solar eclipse voyage will depart from Bali/Benoa and head to Komodo NP, where guests can snorkel, swim, and take in the UNESCO site.

Le Laperouse cruise ship

After calls in Dili and Baucau (East Timor), the vessel will head to Wyndham (Western Australia) and the Kimberley Coast, with its white sand beaches and mangrove forests. There, travelers can take Zodiacs or tenders to the base of King George Twin Falls. Le Laperouse will then sail to a prime spot to see the total solar eclipse, akin to other eclipse sailings the company has operated before.

After several more days around Collier Bay and the Lacepede Islands, the trip will disembark in Broome (Western Australia).