TUI Mein Schiff 6 cruise ship passenger dies after falling 4 decks down from her cabin balcony onto a lifeboat

   October 19, 2022 ,   Accidents

A fatal accident occurred onboard the cruise ship Mein Schiff 6 of the Hamburg-based shipping company TUI Cruises. A passenger fell from his balcony cabin onto a lifeboat 4 decks below on Friday night, October 14.

Turkish media reported that the dead person was a woman. 

TUI confirmed the death of a passenger on Saturday afternoon. A spokeswoman for the line said the investigation to clarify the cause had been initiated and handed over to the responsible authorities.

Reportedly, the woman and her husband occupied the balcony cabin on deck 10/Perle, and the man informed the ship's Reception Desk about the overboard.

The 2540-passenger ship Mein Schiff 6 was in the Aegean Sea en route from Crete towards Antalya (Turkey) when the alarm went off at ~1 am (10 pm UTC) on Friday morning.

The lifeboats/tender boats are hanging in the area of ​​deck 6/Boje, firmly attached to the ship. Above them, there are the balcony cabins on Mein Schiff 6.

Mein Schiff 6 cruise ship

The body of the cruiser is now in Antalya's forensic medicine department where an autopsy is to be performed. 

Mein Schiff 6 stayed at the port of Antalya on Saturday longer than scheduled. The ship left Turkey on Sunday night and headed to Alexandria (Egypt), part of a 17-day relocation voyage via the Suez Canal ( from Antalya to Doha (Qatar).

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