Royal Caribbean’s ship Symphony OTS saves 22 Cuban refugees on a raft between Cuba and Florida USA

   December 21, 2022 ,   Accidents

RCI-Royal Caribbean’s ship Symphony of the Seas saved 22 people floating on a raft between Key West (Florida USA) and Cuba.

The Cubans were rescued on December 15th as the liner was en route from Mexico (Cozumel) to The Bahamas (CocoCay).

Symphony OTS' Captain came on the PA-Public Announcement system and announced there was a small vessel that looked like it was signaling for distress.

He got clearance from the USCG to approach the boat and start removing the people.

Symphony Of The Seas cruise ship

The small vessel was taking on water after its engine had broken down. The Cuban refugees were out on the seas floating around for 6 days.

After being onboard the cruise liner for an hour, an US Coast Guard team arrived to pick up all the refugees.

The ship's entire crew and ~5000 passengers were all cheering and happy to see the people being rescued.

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