MSC Poesia and MSC Magnifica depart from Genoa (Italy) for simultaneous world cruises

   January 6, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

The world's 3rd-largest cruise shipowner -  MSC Cruises, wished bon voyage to passengers aboard MSC Poesia and MSC Magnifica as the two liners departed from Genoa (Milan, Italy) on Thursday, January 5th, for simultaneous world voyages - a cruise industry first.

Sailing together for the beginning of the cruises, the ships will part ways at the edge of the Mediterranean for their different routes around the globe. Travelers will discover the world without having to repack their suitcases during the 119-day voyage on MSC Magnifica and the 117-day journey on MSC Poesia.

Guests sailing the 2023 world voyages can experience menus crafted by a line-up of award-winning chefs. The chefs join the cruises at different intervals in order to prepare a complete menu of 3 to 4 courses, each showcasing the best of their respective cuisines.

Onboard both ships: veteran Brazilian Chef & Restauranteur Allan Vila Espejo serves a menu including authentic Manioc soup/Bahia-style fish stew with sweet peppers/coconut milk.

Onboard MSC Magnifica: renowned Peruvian Chef James Berckemeyer serves a spectacular menu including local caramel pudding ‘Suspiro de Lucuma’ and veal cheek.

Onboard MSC Poesia: renowned Japanese-American Chef Roy Yamaguchi serves a standout menu featuring grilled teriyaki pork chop with Hawaiian chimichurri.

Onboard MSC Poesia: TV personality, author, and Michelin-starred Swedish chef Niklas Ekstedt serves dishes inspired by natural ingredients and farm-to-ocean ethos.

The chefs are on hand to greet passengers in person as they taste the delicacies in the main restaurants.

MSC Cruises has carefully crafted a special enrichment program with ice carving, champagne tasting, a range of guest lectures on specialist topics, 30+ different full-scale production shows, dance classes, and language schools.

MSC Poesia cruise ship

Departing in January 2024, staterooms are still available for the 2024 MSC World Voyage, with a new itinerary that includes 52 destinations in 31 different countries. A standout feature of the 2024 world cruise is a segment exploring the Brazilian Amazon via the Amazon River.