Madeira's cruise ports Funchal and Porto Santo record 323 ship calls in 2022

   January 20, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

The ports of Funchal and Porto Santo (Madeira) registered a total of 323 calls in 2022, 25 more in comparison with the pre-COVID 2019.

According to APRAM (Administration of Ports of the Autonomous Region of Madeira), "2022 was the best year in the last 10 years for the ports of Madeira – Funchal and Porto Santo – in terms of stopovers, having registered 323, 25 more compared to 2019, which represents a growth of more than 8% relative to the pre-pandemic year, when there were a total of 298 stopovers."

The administration of the ports adds that 2022 “could have been even better, were it not for the 17 cancellations, due to weather or sea conditions”.

Paula Cabaco, chairman of the board of directors of APRAM, underlines that “these numbers exceeded the best expectations”, although the movement of cruise passengers in 2022 (417,730) has not surpassed the figures for the period before the crisis.

“We have had a record year of stopovers, in 10 years, and it appears that the movement of passengers has gradually increased throughout the year, representing at the end only 30% less compared to 2019, the year with the most passengers since 2013.”

In 2022, the Port of Funchal had 11 more stopovers compared to 2019 as well as a movement of 413,863 cruise passengers, 30% less in comparison with the year in comparison.

Port of Funchal (Madeira Island, Portugal)

Image: Port of Funchal (Madeira Island, Portugal)

On the other hand, the port of Porto Santo “achieved an unprecedented result in 2022: 21 stopovers, 3,867 passengers and 3,822 crew members”, and “compared to 2019, there were 14 more stopovers and 716 passengers”.