Swedish researchers develop induction technology for wireless charging ferries

   February 6, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Researchers from the Chalmers University of Technology (Goteborg) developed an induction technology to wirelessly charge batteries in electric vehicles like ferries, trucks, and buses.

The researchers use high-power semiconductor materials like silicon carbide allowing faster frequencies in comparison with traditional methods.

According to Professor Yujing Liu, this system can be built into the street/wharf and allow charging 30-40 times per day without any human/robotic help.

The advancement was made possible due to the development of a new type of semi-conductor based on silicon carbide and a newly created copper wire, as thin as a hair. These factors enabled the transmission of high power through the air and made it more realistic to charge electric vehicles with the help of induction.

The technology is so complete that it will soon be ready for the market. According to Professor Liu, it is especially attractive for electric city ferries that operate in regular traffic across waterways in port cities like Goteborg/Gothenburg and Stockholm. The system would also be suitable for city buses/driverless electric vehicles used in mining, agriculture, and industry.

The direct current system has an efficiency of 98% and can transfer 500 kW per 2 square meters with a 15 cm air gap between the ground pad-the onboard contact point. The wireless charging system is beneficial in environments where weather conditions may be unpredictable and frequent charging needs to take place.