MSC Meraviglia ship makes a medical emergency stop at PortMiami Florida

   March 9, 2023 ,   Accidents

MSC cruise ship Meraviglia made an emergency stop off PortMiami (Florida USA) in the early morning of March 8th to medevac a male passenger in need of urgent medical assistance.

After departing from MSC's Ocean Cay (private Bahamian island), the Captain made an announcement on the PA system informing passengers that the US Coast Guard had to perform a medical evacuation. The ship made a brief stop off PortMiami, where the USCG promptly medevacked the patient. 

A guest onboard Meraviglia shared that the rescue took place in MSC Ocean Cay's Lagoon. The Captain and crew acted quickly to ensure the safety and well-being of the man and demonstrated their commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable voyage.

The passengers witnessed an incredible rescue unfold before their very eyes. The crew had bravely rescued the struggling man from the water and he was provided with emergency medical treatment. However, they soon realized he was facing a second cardiac arrest. Although his pulse was weak, they were determined to do all they could to save his life.

MSC Meraviglia cruise ship

After carefully assessing the situation, the USCG made the difficult decision to take a smaller vessel alongside the liner and take the patient directly off the ship. The passengers watched in awe as the experienced team worked tirelessly to ensure the individual had a fighting chance.

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