25-year-old crew arrested for raping a colleague on MSC ship Seashore

   March 16, 2023 ,   Accidents

A 25-year-old male crew was arrested for allegedly raping a colleague aboard the MSC Cruises' ship MSC Seashore.

The suspect was arrested by the police when the vessel docked at Port Maceio (Brazil) on Tuesday, March 14th.

The Women's Defense Police Station confirmed that the victim had reported the crime and registered the complaint. She informed the police that she had been drugged by her co-worker, which made the crime rape of a vulnerable person, according to police chief Ana Luiza Nogueira.

The accident occurred a few days ago. It came to the attention of the Alagoas' General Police Department. Police waited for the liner to dock to send a police team.

MSC Seashore cruise ship

The victim filed a request for a protective measure, to be considered by the court.

She received assistance from the psychosocial team.

Both the victim and the accused are from Sao Paulo (Santos Brazil) and have been working aboard MSC Seashore.

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