New Sun Princess boasts fleet's first family-themed, 3-deck-high Park19

   June 19, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

When the new Sun Princess debut in February 2024, she will introduce several new for Princess Cruises family-themed activity spaces.

One of these is Park19, which will occupy decks 19 through 21 on Sun Princess. Park19's standout feature is Sea Breeze - the first-at-sea Rollglider. Guests will be able to glide above the water at speeds of up to 11 miles (18 km) per hour while enjoying breathtaking views along a suspended track.

Sea Breeze is just one of the many amenities that will be part of Park19, a recreation area designed with families in mind. Other thrilling activities include the Coastal Climb obstacle course and the cantilevered tilted walls of Infinite Horizon, which will provide stunning vistas from high vantage points.

For those seeking a more relaxed experience, there will be a Hammock Area as well as a splash area, a jogging path, and Recreational Court for group classes and select tabletop sports.

Youngsters, teens, and tweens will have their own dedicated play and lounge areas within Park19.

Traditionally, passenger ships, especially in the premium and luxury markets, have catered to an older demographic. However, cruise operators are now aiming to attract a broader range of age groups to expand their market. This includes offering amenities such as vegan restaurants, ice skating, go-kart tracks, sushi-making classes, roller coasters, zip lines, wellness programs, and facilities like Park19.

These new offerings have already captured the attention of millennial and Generation Z travelers who are now starting to have families of their own.

Sun Princess, currently under construction at Fincantieri's Monfalcone yard, will be Princess fleet's ever-largest, being ~1/4th larger than the previous largest one (Discovery Princess). As ships continue to grow in volume/capacity, designers have more space to create innovative dining and entertainment options, as well as expansive open-air recreation areas - like Park19 - that appeal to guests of all ages.