NCL-Norwegian homeports in Baltimore 2 ships (Sky and Sun) at Maryland Cruise Terminal

   August 20, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

NCL-Norwegian Cruise Line has announced its forthcoming docking of two premier vessels, the Norwegian Sky and the Norwegian Sun, at the Maryland Cruise Terminal in Baltimore (Maryland USA). This heralds a triumphant return for this major cruise shipping company and a travel brand to Maryland's principal cruise port

This poignant return marks a historic juncture, as NCL graces Baltimore and the Maryland Cruise Terminal after a hiatus spanning decades. With the impending arrivals of Norwegian Sky (September-October) and Norwegian Sun (November-December), the company stakes its claim as the third distinguished cruise line to proffer unforgettable voyages from the Maryland Terminal.

Notable predecessors in this maritime domain are the esteemed Carnival Cruise Line and the renowned RCI-Royal Caribbean International.

Each itinerary, as it sails forth from Baltimore's port, promises unique journeys and singular adventures for the eager travelers who embark upon them.

The homeporting of both NCL ships is a logical stride for the brand, given the considerable population base residing in the Baltimore-Washington area. With nearly 10 million souls calling this region home, the vibrant energy of these cities fuels maritime aspirations. Moreover, the strategic proximity of Philadelphia and Richmond only adds to the allure of the Maryland Cruise Terminal, making it an accessible hub for seafarers from various corners.

As the curtain rises on this maritime renaissance, the Norwegian Sky prepares for her inaugural expedition on September 1st. Passengers will be treated to a splendid 10-day odyssey to Canada, where the landscape will unfurl in a tapestry of fall colors. Meanwhile, the Norwegian Sun will chart her own course, with an enchanting itinerary set to whisk passengers away to the sun-kissed Caribbean shores.