RCI-Royal Caribbean celebrating Alaska culture with “Locals Onboard” program

   August 22, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

RCI-Royal Caribbean International has launched the "Locals Onboard" program in collaboration with Voyij.com to showcase local artists on its Alaska cruises. This initiative is part of the "SEA the Future" commitment, aimed at revitalizing local communities by connecting them with vacationers. During the Alaska cruise season, the program will offer various sailings featuring small group experiences where travelers can interact with Alaskans. These local artists will lead engaging activities such as photography workshops, Alaska Native cultural events, watercolor sessions, and storytelling.

This immersive program highlights 16 artists and business owners from 6 Alaskan communities: Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, Haines, Sitka, and Seward. In total, there are 52 unique experiences offered, including engaging activities like "A Brief Introduction to Indigenous Southeast Alaska," where vacationers learn about Ketchikan's indigenous heritage through hands-on experiences like cedar weaving and totem carving. Another experience, "Painting the Wild," allows travelers to draw inspiration from Glacier Bay's coastal fjords to create their own artwork. Additionally, "Harvesting Wild Plants in the Northern Lynn Canal" introduces guests to sustainable foraging practices and enables them to craft sugar scrubs using locally sourced plants and glacial silt from the Northern Lynn Canal.

Voyij.com is a platform that empowers travelers to support local Alaskan businesses by purchasing their products. With offerings ranging from Alaska Native Art to fresh seafood and local jewelry, the platform provides access to over 200 small businesses and artists from all corners of the state.