Portsmouth UK boasts new sustainable cruise terminal

   August 22, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

After an 18-month construction period, Portsmouth International Port proudly accommodates visitors from the ship Spirit of Discovery by Saga Cruises, marking the inaugural utilization of its pioneering net carbon-neutral terminal extension. This achievement has been facilitated by GBP 11.25 million in Levelling Up funding, a monetary injection geared towards the transformation of the city's tourism industry.

A steadfast emphasis on cutting-edge environmental engineering has underscored the developmental blueprint. Consequently, this port stands as the United Kingdom's inaugural proponent of employing seawater for both heating and cooling within its infrastructure. Further noteworthy eco-conscious attributes encompass wind and solar technologies, in conjunction with both interior and exterior living walls, collectively working to enhance air purification. The fusion of these attributes culminates in a structure that yields surplus energy, thereby transitioning from a net carbon-neutral paradigm to the commendable status of carbon positivity.

This newly introduced terminal has been meticulously tailored to accommodate the anticipated influx of cruise vessels. Projections estimate an escalation to 100+ maritime calls in 2024, potentially translating to an additional quarter of a million passengers on an annual basis. Through extensive berth expansion initiatives, coupled with the construction of the modern terminal, Portsmouth International Port has now gained the capability to host vessels of up to 300 m in length, thereby accommodating the concomitant passenger capacities associated with such ships.

Architecturally, the design is highlighted by a panoramic sky garden, effectively designated as a public observation locale to witness port activities. A seamless walkway interlinks the pre-existing terminal with an exclusive lounge area, catered specifically for passengers. Portsmouth's allure lies within the niche cruise market, encompassing boutique, luxury, and expedition vessels. This terminal's design is intrinsically attuned to encapsulating the quintessence of this experience from the moment travelers set foot upon the port's precincts.

Significantly, the port formed an integral component of a triumphant GBP 20 million bid titled "Transforming the Visitor Economy." This initiative, multifaceted in nature, also encompasses provisions for a Lido and the formation of the "Linear Park," recognized as the United Kingdom's lengthiest urban park, situated within the city's northern sphere. The overarching objective of this funding endeavor is to invigorate both the local and regional economies. Indeed, each cruise ship arrival bears the potential to infuse GBP 1.5 million into the city, ascribed to port fees, passenger and crew expenditures on local commodities, in addition to ancillary services such as lodging and attractions, alongside the procurement of ship supplies.

For the inaugural deployment of the terminal, the distinguished guests of Saga's cruise ship Spirit of Discovery, christened by Her Majesty Queen Camilla, are bestowed with this privilege. Embarking upon an itinerary-themed "Islands of the Western Mediterranean," the 999-passenger vessel underscores its regular visits to Portsmouth, serving as a point of origin for numerous voyages.