Carnival Cruise Line Partners with Roland

   July 1, 2017 ,   Cruise Industry

Carnival Cruise Line and Roland Corporation U.S. announced they will work together to further enhance cruise line’s entertainment options across the 25-ship fleet.

The new partnership is expected to provide additional musical equipment, training and technical support to the performers of the cruise line. 

The move will coincide with the recently revealed Carnival Studios in Davie, Florida. The 44,500-square-foot venue was built to provide Carnival's entertainers with a dedicated rehearsal space. There are 8 music studios, 5 full-stage dance studios, a green room and a training room.

The facility's studios are equipped with 12 Roland TD-50KV V-Drums, 12 Roland RD-2000 stage pianos, and 28 Roland stools. Such Roland products will be added to Carnival Cruises ships as well. Performers are receiving in-person and cloud-based product training support to further their experience. 

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