British Tourist Pulled from the Atlantic After Swimming to Catch Cruise Ship

By ,   July 17, 2017 ,   Accidents

A British cruiser was pulled from the Atlantic after attempting to swim to CMV Marco Polo as the cruise ship pulled away from Madeira's coast. 

65-year-old Susan Brown had probably reconsidered her decision to leave the Cruise & Maritime Voyages' 32-night sailing after an argument with her husband, believing he had returned to the vessel without her. 

Mrs.Brown was pulled out of the Atlantic by fishermen who heard the woman's calls for help. Susan suffered hypothermia and was nearly drowning after swimming for 4 hours in the dark for less than half a mile. The woman credited her handbag through keeping her afloat. 

CMV (Cruise & Maritime Voyages) revealed it helped the couple arrange flights back home after they left the cruise ship on Saturday, July 15, following more than a month sailing together, “at their request and for personal reasons”.  

Marco Polo is heading to Lisbon and then to Bristol, arriving there on Thursday, July 20. 

Meanwhile, Mr.Brown reportedly had boarded an Easyjet flight back home.