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VIDEO: Amazing Ship Launching

By ,   September 29, 2017 ,   Cruise Industry

The process of transferring a ship to the water is called ship launching. In many cultures, it is a naval tradition dating back thousands years ago and has been observed as a solemn blessing and public celebration.

Ship launching represents an engineering challenge and a public spectacle. The process involves many traditions for inviting good luck, like christening by breaking a bottle of champagne over the bow as the vessel is named aloud and launched.

There are 3 principal methods of conveying a newbuild from building site to water, just two of which are named "launching." The most familiar and oldest, as well as the most widely used is the end-on launch: in it the ship slides down an inclined slipway, ordinarily stern first. Via the side launch, the vessel enters the water broadside.

The 3rd method is float-out, which is used for ships built in dry docks or basins and then floated through admitting water into dock.