Two Brits on Fred Olsen Cruise Killed During Coach Trip

   September 30, 2018 ,   Accidents

Two British women were murdered while on a coach trip in the middle of 'Authentic Arabia' voyage in the Middle East.

The couple were stepping off a coach close to Haffa market in Salalah (Oman) when they were hit by a car, the driver of which did not have a licence and according to the Royal Oman Police had veered into the wrong lane.

A third traveller, a British man, was seriously injured and taken to hospital where he is currently said to be in stable condition.

None of the victims was named, but the Foreign Office confirmed that the two killed were British. All were passengers aboard Fred Olsen's ship Boudicca, which was sailing from Aqaba to Abu Dhabi.

Fred Olsen Boudicca cruise ship

At the time of the incident, they were on a trip to Souq Al Haffa, Salalah. The accident happened at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 27.

A crew member from the cruise ship remained behind in hospital with the injured passenger.

A senior member of line's UK head office team also flew to Salalah in order to provide additional assistance.

The cruise operator is working closely with the authorities in Salalah and the local tour guide to provide support to the other travellers.

The two women were on a 14-night 'Authentic Arabia' fly-cruise, that left Jordan September 20.

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