Ferry Runs Aground off Jeju Island

   December 25, 2018 ,   Accidents

A passenger ferry carrying 199 people onboard became stuck on rocks in the waters south of southern Jeju Island, South Korea on Monday, December 24. Luckily, all onboard were rescued, the Coast Guard annonced.

The 199-GT ton vessel with 195 passengers and 4 crew issued a distress call at 2:43 pm, while navigating in the waters southwest of Gapa Island. The ferryboat Blueray 1 was heading to Jeju Island following a departure from Marado Island (South Korea's southernmost) at 2:25 pm.

According to the Coast Guard, there were no casualties.

Port of Jeju Island (Cheju, South Korea)

Maritime police dispatched a 139GT ship to the point where the incident occurred and rescued all passengers after a half-an-hour operation. The ferry was towed to land.

The Coast Guard announced it will investigate the captain and crew of the ship to determine the cause of the accident.