CMV Columbus Sailing Cancelled After Ship Strikes 'Foreign Object'

   June 4, 2019 ,   Accidents

CMV Columbus (former P&O Pacific Pearl) reported hitting an unidentified submerged object on May 30, 2019, while leaving Amsterdam Holland en-route to Norway's Fjords with passengers onboard.

The vessel was inspected by Port Authorities and cleared to resume the voyage. At night on May 31, however, the CMV Columbus, being well up north in the North Sea, reported rudder (steering) problems, that were believed to be the result of hitting an unknown object.

The ship turned back and sailed back to Ijmuiden. She was met and assisted by a pair of tugs. CMV Columbus was safely berthed at Ijmuiden at around 05:30 UTC on June 2. CMV had to cancel a 10-day trip aboard Columbus on June 5 due to a "technical problem".

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