Venice Film Festival Targeted by Anti-Cruise Ship Protesters

   September 8, 2019 ,   Accidents

Several hundred protesters targeted the Venice Italy film festival on Saturday, September 7, to make their anti-cruising point. The protesters are demanding the authorities to ban large-sized cruise liners to navigate near city's downtown.

Between 300-400 protestors gathered in front of the main marquee where the closing ceremonies of the film festival were held later in the day. They carried banners denouncing the impact the large vessels are having on Venice and the city's environment and the threat of global climate change. They also said that liners navigating through Venice Lagoon were eroding the city's foundations.

Port of Venice (Italy)

The movie festival attracted global attention with the award of the prizes watched over by celebrities, stars, and hundreds of journalists.

Venice City is among the world's most visited travel destinations but the sight of giant ships so close to the historic inheritance sparked uproar.