AdventureSmith Explorations Add Dive-Focused Expedition Ship

   January 10, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

AdventureSmith Explorations (boat-chartering river cruise company) announced the addition of the premium yacht  Aqua Blu. The ship will be now cruising in Indonesia. For scuba diving enthusiasts, the new “Aqua Blu” itineraries include:

  • 8-day Aqua Blu Raja Ampat Cruise - from US$7,525
  • 8-day (13-day) Aqua Blu Ambon and Spice Islands Cruise - from $7,525 ($11,600)
  • 8-day Aqua Blu Komodo National Park Cruise from $7,525

Beginner, advanced and expert divers are accommodated.

Aqua Blu cruise ship

MV Aqua Blu is a premium cruise ship designed by Cor D Rover BV (Amsterdam Holland-based studio). The vessel was previously named HMS Beagle (1968-built British Navy survey vessel) and drydock reconstructed and refurbished in 2018-2019 before entering service for the new shipowner Aqua Expeditions.