VIDEO: 650 Indian crew on Marella Explorer cruise ship stage peaceful protest

   June 11, 2020 ,   Accidents

Nearly 650 Indian crew stranded on Marella UK's ship Marella Explorer have staged a peaceful protest on Wednesday, June 10, demanding India's Government to allow repatriation.

The crew have been stuck on cruise ships since the COVID crisis began and to this day have not received approval for repatriation. This is the reason why they staged a protest on Marella Explorer's pool deck (deck 11) to ask for their rights.

The crew say Marella Cruises (part of TUI) had arranged flights to India but all of them had been cancelled. Marella's Indian crew are among the last to return home while fellow crew from other nations were repatriated weeks ago.

Marella Explorer is currently anchored off the southern coast of Isle of Wight, England.

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