Crew tests positive for COVID-19 on NYK Cruises' ship Asuka 2

   March 18, 2021 ,   Accidents

The Japanese shipping company NYK Cruises (Nippon Yusen Kaisha) announced that 3 upcoming voyages on the Asuka 2 ship were suspended after a crew member tested COVID positive.

The crew member is now undergoing medical treatment at a hospital on shore and does not have serious symptoms or fever.

The Asuka II ship was scheduled to depart on a 2-night trip from Osanbashi International Cruise Terminal in Yokohama on March 19, 2021 - for the first time since January 4.

NYK Cruises released a statement saying that on March 16, a foreign crew member of the passenger ship Asuka 2 anchored at Yokohama Port had been confirmed to be positive for COVID-19. The crew had been confirmed to be negative by 3 PCR tests, before leaving the country of residence on March 1, when entering Japan, and when boarding the ship on March 3.

"After confirming the positive person, we promptly reported to the public health center for instructions. In addition, we tested all crew members who had direct contact with the crew member during work and confirmed that they are all negative. We have already completed disinfection of the entire vessel.”

The following cruises on Asuka 2 are canceled:

  • Spring Hinata Weekend Cruise (March 19)
  • Cruise from Kobe Spring Urara Kobe (March 21)
  • Yokohama Cruise (March 23).

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