MV Ever Given which blocked the Suez Canal had another accident

   March 28, 2021 ,   Accidents

Before slamming into the Suez Canal bank and triggering a shipping traffic jam, the 1300-ft container ship/boxship Ever Given had another maritime accident two years ago in Germany.

The vessel, operated then and now by Taiwan shipping company Evergreen Marine, crashed into a ferry in 2019, triggering a criminal probe, which didn't find fault with the boxship's Captain.

On February 9, 2019, Ever Given ran into Finkenwerder (75-ft ferry boat) moored alongside a pontoon along the Elbe River in a suburb of Hamburg. Ever Given had stopped at Hamburg on her way from China to Rotterdam. The boxship damaged the ferry and came close to pulling the pontoon free of the shore.

Luckily, no passengers were aboard the small vessel, but the skipper of the ferry was slightly injured.