Azamara Cruises launches Europe 2023 fleet deployment

   August 21, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

The boutique-style, ultra-luxury travel brand Azamara announced the launch of its Europe 2023 deployment across a full fleet of cruise ships for the first time: Azamara Journey, Azamara Pursuit, Azamara Quest, and the newest addition - Azamara Onward.

With a total of 95 itineraries, including 35+ country intensive cruises, Azamara will visit 40+ countries and 200+ ports throughout Europe. 

The company will introduce new land explorations, further reinforcing the commitment to bringing passengers deeper into the destination.

In addition to the release of Europe 2023 itineraries, the line also opened the remaining 2022 cruises of the newest member of the fleet, Azamara Onward.

Azamara Onward cruise ship

Highlights of Azamara's 2023 ship deployment include:

Overnights and Late-Night Ports: Guests can experience 315+ late nights in port cities like Mykonos Island, "the Ibiza of Greece"; or Lisbon Portugal, to enjoy a sunset cruise on Tejo River. Azamara also offers 75+ overnights in popular European destinations.

Azamara's 2023 deployment features 35+ Country-Intensive voyages. The Country-Intensive itineraries explore sought-after destinations in Europe, such as Italy, Spain, Croatia, Norway, and more. Azamara also debuts its Black Sea Intensive itinerary, where guests can explore the history of ancient cities in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, and Turkey. 

New Pre-/Post-Land Explorations: In addition to existing favorites, Azamara Cruises introduces 2 new land explorations for passengers to extend their adventure before/after their trip:

  • Aboard the Switzerland Glacier Express Train, the AzAmazing Journey transports guests through the most stunning scenery in Switzerland, crossing a wealth of 291 bridges and passing through 91 tunnels within 8 hours. 
  • Travelers can also opt in for a Stay Local in Gran Canaria for a 2-night program. Highlights include visiting Bandama Crater, one of the biggest extinct volcanic craters, followed by a call in La Atalaya, prime pottery-producing villages. 

Culinary Sailing: Passengers can book Azamara's Wine & Culture Voyage from Southampton England to experience the beautiful architecture and cuisine of Europe's top wine countries.

Sporting Enthusiast Voyages:  For guests looking to pursue their passion for sports, the company includes 2 cruises for the Grand Prix weekend on its Journey and Pursuit ships, beginning May 25, 2023. 

7 Maiden Ports: Azamara's 2023 deployment brings guests closer to European destinations with unique ports that are only accessible to smaller vessels, including Alta Norway, Brest France, Fredericia Denmark, Cesme Turkey, Gothenburg (Goteborg) Sweden, Mariehamn (Aland Finland), Heimaey Iceland.