Port Tallinn (Estonia) opens the most modern cruise terminal in the region

   January 30, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

Located in the largest port authority in Estonia, Port Tallinn opened the region's most contemporary and multifunctional cruise ship terminal.

Beautifully designed by Salto Architects to reduce the negative impact on the environment, the sustainable terminal can operate outside of the cruise season, making Estonia's capital accessible while reducing its environmental footprint.

A special feature of the terminal is the remarkable use of Kebony, a leader in the production of sustainable wood, elected for the expansive decking and the imaginative exterior. The project's vast scale allows for the cruise terminal to be used to host events like conferences and concerts, accommodating up to 2,000 people.

Port Tallinn's new cruise terminal (2021)

The generous size means that, even during the peak season, some level of social distancing is possible if required due to COVID.

The new facility is distinguished by the 850-meter-long promenade, specially designed to connect the port’s 10+ million passengers each year to the leisure areas. Boasting tiered outdoor seating, travelers can enjoy scenic ocean views at the terminal's highest point.

Norway-based Kebony is a leader in producing sustainable wood materials. It created a stylish exterior that complements both the oceanic surroundings and the structural design.