Bering Island (Nikolskoye, Russia)

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Bering Island cruise port


Local Time
17:50 16 Nov 2018

55.19816 N, 166.00154 E

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Bering Island is located in Bering Sea, off Kamchatka Peninsula. The island has length of 90 km (56 ml) and width of 24 km (15 ml). It is the Commander Islands' biggest and westernmost, with a total area of 1660 km2 (640 ml2).Bering Island (Russia)

  • Bering Island has no trees and the experience features harsh weather (persistent fog, high winds, even earthquakes). The island has a total population of around 800, all living in the village Nikolskoye. Roughly half of them are Aleuts.
  • At 4 km (2,5 ml) to the northwest of Bering Island is located the Toporkov Island - a small, round-shaped isle (diameter 800 m / 2625 ft).
  • Most of the island plus 14 smaller neighbouring isles (and rocks) are part of the Komandorsky Nature Reserve - with a total area of 36,648 km2 (14,150 ml2) of which 21,774 km2 (8,407 ml2) are marine buffer zone. The reserve's land territory includes most of Bering Island, the Medny Island, plus 13 smaller islands. This protected wilderness was created in 1993 to protect the marine ecosystems of the islands, as well of the surrounding waters of Bering Sea and the north Pacific Ocean. The reserve boasts a great diversity of birds and animals - over 1 million seabirds, hundreds of thousands of northern fur seals, thousands of Steller's sea lions, also common and spotted seals, a large population of sea otters, around 20 whale species, 2 Arctic fox subspecies, many endangered migratory seabirds (including whooper swan, Steller's eiders and sea eagles). In the Komandorsky Nature Reserve fishing is prohibited within the marine buffer zone of 50 km (31 ml) surrounding it.

Bering Island cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Bering Island Russia dock (anchor) at Nikolskoye - port town on the northwestern coast.

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