Kitzingen (Germany)

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Kitzingen cruise port

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Local Time
01:12 20 Nov 2018

49.73499 N, 10.16437 E

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Kitzingen is a town situated in the German state of Bavaria, capital of Kitzingen district. It is part of Franconia geographical region and features around 21,000 inhabitants (2015 estimate) and a total area of 46.99 km2 (18.14 ml2). Kitzingen County is surrounded by vineyards, and is the largest Bavarian wine producer. It is said to be the wine trade center of Franconia.

The main landmark of the city of Kitzingen is the Leaning Tower, constructed during the 13th century and distinctive for the crooked roof. Town legend says that the tower was being erected during a drought. Instead of water, workers used wine to make the mortar causing tower's top to lean. Currently, the tower holds a Fasching (carnival) museum.

According to another local legend, the golden ball on top of the crooked tower holds the heart of Vlad Dracula of Romania. When one follows the path of the crooked tower, this golden ball leans toward a grave in Kitzingen Old Cemetery across the street from the tower which is called "the Grave of Dracula". A local United States' army legend features the upside down crosses which make up the tiny windows on the tower, and appear right side up when light casts to the grave yard to ward off vampires. These crosses alternate such that every other is upside down. Some believe that the "Dracula's Grave" is not where Vlad Dracula is buried, but a heavily decorated grave of a rich family which resided in Kitzingen.

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