Laamu Atoll (Maldives)

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Laamu Atoll cruise port

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Local Time
14:48 12 Dec 2018

1.97723 N, 73.53610 E

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Laamu Atoll (also popular as Haddhunmathi Atoll) is Maldives' administrative division. The atoll has a population of around 11,800 people.

  • Laamu Atoll corresponds to a natural atoll of the same name. Traditionally, Maldivians call the atoll 'Haddhunmathi', without adding 'Atholhu' at the end. The administrative capital is situated in Fonadhoo Island. 
  • Laamu is rimmed by barrier reefs and the broadest of them are topped by isles. There are a wealth of islands along the atoll's eastern and southern boundaries.
  • Laamu Atoll is quite regular with the exception of the projection of the reef at the north-eastern corner (Isdhu Muli). It resembles Kolhumadulhu, a neighbour further north. Due to the typical atoll shape, it does not differ from atolls found in the Pacific, save for its bigger size. Its reefs are of little breadth, with no signs of deep pools (vilu), except for the eastern fringes that are covered with isles, quite big by Maldive standards. 
  • Laamu Atoll forms Central Maldives' southern limit. Beyond Huvadhu Kandu, the broadest channel found between atolls in the Maldives, are located the southern atolls.
  • Kadhdhoo Domestic Airport is in Kadhdhoo Island.
  • Laamu atoll is the biggest atoll in Maldives. It atoll was playing a major role in the Maldives at the time when the nation was Kingdom. Many of the isles situated on the eastern reef of Laamu feature important archaeological sites, such as Dhanbidhoo, Gan, Isdhoo and Mundoo. These are remains of viharas, stupas and monasteries of large proportions.

Laamu Atoll cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Laamu Atoll Maldives dock (anchor) at Hithadhoo.

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