Methoni (Greece)

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Methoni cruise port

Mediterranean - Black Sea

Local Time
00:08 15 Nov 2018

36.82320 N, 21.70562 E

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Methoni is a beautiful seaside resort with sandy beaches, situated on the south of Peloponnese coast 12 km (7 miles) south of Pylos. It boasts the massive bastions of 15th-century Venetian fortress which once protected pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. Tourists may explore the Castle of Methoni featuring a Frankish gate, the ruined Turkish baths and the Byzantine church of Aghia Sophia. The fortified islet located at the south end of the castle with octagonal Bourtzi tower is easily reached by a causeway.

The site was fortified during the 7th century B.C. In the period between 395 A.D.-1204 A.D. it was used as Byzantine fortress. For a very short period the region was dominated by the Franks. In 1206 it was captured by the Venetians. They strengthened the fortification, incorporating pre-Christian defensive structures. Methoni was captured by Turk Bayazit Pasha in 1500 and came under Venetian occupation once again from 1685 until 1715. Later it was for a 2nd time dominated by the Turks - they kept it under control until 1829, when Methoni was liberated by French General Maison, along with other cities of Peloponnese.

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