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South America - Galapagos

-51.72485 S, -59.45769 W

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Falkland Islands (aka Islas Malvinas) are located in the South Atlantic Ocean, approx 300 ml (483 km) east of South America's Patagonian coast.

  • The archipelago has a total land area of 4700 ml2 (12000 km2) and population around 3,000.
  • The main isles are named East Falkland, West Falkland and 776 smaller isles, inlcuding Carcass, New island, Saunders and West Point.
  • Part of the archipelago are also the Jason Islands - located to the northwest.
  • Being a British overseas territory, the Falklands are a sovereignty (self-governance), and the UK is responsibie for the islands' defence and foreign affairs. The official language is English. Under the Falkland Islands Act of 1983, all Falklanders (aka Kelpers) are British citizens.
  • The capital city is Stanley, located on the East Falkland Island.
  • At various times, the Falklands have been inhabited by French, British, Spanish and Argentineans. In 1833 Great Britain reasserted its rule over this territory. However, Argentina claims it since 1982, when Argentine military forces briefly occupied the isles, starting the 2-month long Falklands War. In 2009, the UK's prime minister met with the Argentine president and said that there will be no further talks over the Falklands' sovereignty. In 2013, Falkland Islands had a referendum, when 99,8% of the voters favoured the UK rule.
  • The islands's economy is based mainly on commercial fishing, tourism (including by cruise ship passengers), sheep farming (high-quality wool export).

In April 1982 started an armed conflict with Argentina invading the islands and temporarily occupying them until an UK military force retook them in June 1982. After the war, the UK built the Mount Pleasant Airport Complex and increased its local garrison. As result of the war, on the islands there are still around 20,000 land mines. Due to the great number of casualties, the attempts to clear them ceased in 1983.

Highlights: Port Stanley

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  1. January, 2017
Day Ships in port
3 January, 2017
MS Ocean Endeavour(arriving at 03 Jan - departing at 03 Jan)
5 January, 2017
MS Midnatsol(arriving at 05 Jan - departing at 05 Jan)
6 January, 2017
MS Midnatsol(arriving at 06 Jan - departing at 06 Jan)
8 January, 2017
Hanseatic(arriving at 08 Jan - departing at 08 Jan)
9 January, 2017
Hanseatic(arriving at 09 Jan - departing at 09 Jan)
11 January, 2017
MS Bremen(arriving at 11 Jan - departing at 11 Jan)
12 January, 2017
MS Bremen(arriving at 12 Jan - departing at 12 Jan)
20 January, 2017
MS Midnatsol(arriving at 20 Jan - departing at 20 Jan)
21 January, 2017
MS Midnatsol(arriving at 21 Jan - departing at 21 Jan)
26 January, 2017
Hanseatic(arriving at 26 Jan - departing at 26 Jan)
27 January, 2017
Hanseatic(arriving at 27 Jan - departing at 27 Jan)