Avalon Artistry II deck 4 plan (Sky)

Deck layout and review

Review of Avalon Artistry II deck 4 (Sky)

The Sky Deck layout starts with the “Sky Lounge” – outdoor seating area served by the “Sky Bistro” (bar & grill). The al-fresco bistro serves light lunches, drinks, and Afternoon Tea and coffee (complimented with sweet treats).

Navigation Bridge (called Wheelhouse on riverboats) is passenger accessible and can be lowered when the ship passes under low bridges.

Next is the open-air whirlpool with the Sun Terrace sunbathing area.

The “Sky Light” dome covers the Artistry Atrium, letting natural daylight into the ship’s interior.

The “Sky Deck” is a huge open-air observation area with premium lounge chairs, shaded by awnings seating areas, and Deck Games (aft).